11 June 2007

Addis Broadside

Heres a project I did early after our arrival here (it only took me 5 months to get it online!). Consider it a trailer, a tiny glimpse of a larger project yet to come. Unfortunately, the quality leaves several things to be desired.



Anonymous said...

congratulations U did it.....you made another great African shame painting video to the world...oops the only problem is that Ur a bit late coz U guys painted and vaccined enough shame, humiliation hunger death to Ethiopia and suddenly oops the world become resistant .....Ha ha ha yap nobody cares to Ur video now.

It took u 5 months wooooh CNN will make mind blowing one in 30 min.
hey that means it will take you 5 years to make something good ha? Oh I forgot u guys do not write or film or picture good thing its just not in Ur blood.

dherve said...


this is the pea.
through this trailer i am brought back to the humanity of a culture unknown to me. you are very good. great edits! especially the pauses- they give the viewer a moment of reflection. you have a knack.

Anonymous said...

How much money will collect from your constituents in America based on this video? Shame on you!