25 May 2007

Fekadu's Krar

I have been on the search for a krar for some time. Most of the ones I have seen are souvenirs, and by that I mean, something best left alone hanging on the wall. When I found out that there was a man associated with Bingham who played the Krar, I decided to try and track him down. I called SIM and they put me right through. I told Ato Fekadu that I wanted to him to come play at Bingham, and I also hoped he would help me find a Krar for myself.

Two weeks later, he arrived with two friends, both slinging krars. They played at tea time for staff and then for a large group of students. Everybody loved it.

Then this morning, he called me to say that he would like to give me one of his krars that he built by hand. I was shocked. He would not let me pay him for his craftsmanship. Finally, he allowed me to contribute toward the cost of materials.

He arrived outside our apartment at 7AM and I was barely quick enough to try to sneak some extra Birr into an envelope for his handmade krar. After the handoff, I made for the apartment. He caught me redhanded before I escaped. Grudgingly, I took back the additional money. Its a beautful piece:

Also, there are some more photos here from the last week or two.

DC, aspiring azmari

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