19 February 2007

More Merkato

Turning a corner in the Merkato, a crew of white people cause about every Ethiopian store keeper in sight to simultaneously collect his wares and rush toward you. And by rush, I mean bombard. As we moved about, I stood at a distance and snapped some photos from the hip. If you dare bring the camera up to your face, you are totally ruined. Everyone wants their photo taken, and they all want to see the LCD after you oblige them. I was determined to take some photos of candid market activity, thus I resorted to Rambo style shooting. After just about every shot, I would look at the display and see that my subject's hair was in the frame, and the rest would be roof shed, sky, or some other undesirable distant object. I was glad to be with a group of folks who were actually shopping, anything to create a diversion. We bought a traditional Ethiopian Coffee pot. It cost 15 birr--which is less than 2 USD.

Its quite an odd sensation walking around, being white. At first, it appears that you are a noted celebrity. Then you remember you are simply an outsider, a stranger, an alien--which by default means walking moneybags. But its more than that too. The people are so friendly and warm. It certainly reminds you how nice anonomity is, and why famous folks go mad.

And here is our most recent photo album:

Merkato Slideshow


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dherve said...


i just loved the way you edxplained rambo style and "undesireable distant objects". you making me laugh, mang!